Full system scan started by itself


shortly after boot up a full scan started.  I cancelled it as it would have taken a considerable time.  I would like to know what triggered it.  In Manage Scans I see four are set up, but all are set to OFF.  I notice my latest engine update occurred today (see screen shot)  - could this have triggered the scan? Am on W10



  • Sergiu C.

    An update shouldn't trigger a full system scan. If you restart the computer does a scan start each time?

  • higgsy48

    Hi Sergei, sorry for the long delay in replying. What actually happens is, upon bootup BD spots an inserted SD card and commences scanning it.  The SD card has hundreds of old backup files so the scan would take a long time so I don't need it to be scanned.  I then have to click the BD icon in the taskbar and tell it to cancel the scan.  The only way I have found to avoid this problem is to remember to keep the SD card out of it's slot so BD does not see it.  Is this expected behaviour for SD?  Can it be turned off?  Here are my current product details: