Never able to do INITIAL update

Bought Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 on 6 June, finished installation on 7 June. Program installed OK, but was not able to EVER update the database. EVERY attempt (once an hour times 35 days) and on two different computers failed. Get error code -2009 -- update encountered an error. Called support and got bad advise (just wait). E-mailed support and they had me run a couple of their diagnostic programs. They suggested I delete inactive McAfee disk encryption (never used and not in use). Still no success. Bitdefender has not replied to any other e-mails or attempts for help. EXTREMELY unhappy with Bitdefender and their lack of customer support. If anyone is reading this and thinking of buying Bitdefender -- DON'T BUY. If someone from Bitdefender reads this and actually wants to help and dig into the problem, then great as the program is basically useless without up-to-date virus database.