Which Utilities are safe for SSDs

Just installed total Security 2019 (Family edition) on a laptop with a Solid State Drive and want to know if there are any issues using the four optimization tools in the Utilities section. (Oneclick Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, Disk Cleanup, and/or Anti-Theft.)

Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro May 2019 update, on a used machine with only a SSD using TRIM and ReSF (Resilient File System). It would help if each of the four tools be addressed separately when answering this question to keep me from getting confused and if you've tested it with a SSD using TRIM and ReSF.


  • Hello Simple dad,


    The system performance depends not only on the hardware configuration, such as the CPU load, memory usage and hard disk space. It is also directly connected to your software configuration and to your data management.

    The OneClick Optimizer option saves you valuable time when you want a quick way to improve your system performance by rapidly scanning, detecting and cleaning useless files.

    Unnecessary apps that are annoyingly slowing down booting time when you open your PC can be disabled or postponed from opening with the Startup Optimizer thus saving you valuable time.

     Disk Cleanup identifies those files that may be the main culprit of your disk low space, giving you the possibility to decide whether to keep them or not.

    Anti-theft is for Bitdefender can help you locate your device and prevent your personal data from getting into the wrong hands.

    Now depending on what you need, you may use any of those features. 

    when using Disk Clean Up, please make sure that you do not delete necessary files like the .pst archive of your emails.

    With One Click Optimizer you can delete the cache and cookies of your browser. In case you do not want this, please make sure that you set the feature right.


  • Hi Roxana G,

    Thank's for the quick reply and the explanations but I already learned that before coming to this forum. Nowhere in the information could I find if the Utilities where safe to be used on SSDs. Either you aren't understanding the question or are replying with a response that doesn't address the question.  I used the three optimizing tools on my desktop PC with a regular hard drive and unless the Anti-Theft software is in-bedded in the Bios it seems to me that a thief could just reformat the disk drive. The laptop I just bought is replacing one that was stolen with a competitors Anti-Theft program built into the Bios but the thieves haven't used the internet enough for that company to locate it in 7 months.  After paying for their Anti-Theft software two years ago and a renewal last year, this time I would like to be able to use what I paid for, but I don't want to ruin my replacement laptop with incompatible software. Bitdefender is the highest rated malware prevention software by five sites that I respect so even if I can't use the Utilities on that laptop I will still be well protected. 

    Will any of these tools damage my SSD?

    (I carefully followed the rules by not identifying the other company or the name of their product. If you think I did something wrong please don't kick me off the forums or kill this thread but remove the sentence about my stolen laptop.)

  • Hello,

    Every built-in utility that we offer is safe to use on SSDs with no noticeable performance or lifetime impact on it's health.

    Depending on your NAND chip however, it may be preferable to avoid using the File Shredder for larger files however. You can look up it's model from your DeviceManager to check.

    SLC and MLC are fine, TLC may degrade faster ,and QLC should avoid it.

    Thank you for your consideration on the rules.

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