Opendns blocking weapons

I am using bitdefender 2020 on win10 laptop with the bitdefender 2 box.

Recently I get blocked from websites like and an opendns screen opens up in my web browser says for "weapons".   How do I turn this off?  I am an a.dult hunter and I do want access to websites like this and others.

This is very annoying and not a feature that I like.  I want CHOOSE what websites I wish to block if necessary.  How to I do this?  I have added to the exception list for the online threat protect with no luck.

How do I fix?



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    Please send us a screenshot with the message you receive when you access the websites. Also, please let us know if you use features like Parental Control on your device.

    Are you able to access the websites if you disable Online Threat Prevention?

  • IAShooters
    edited October 2019

    After several hours of searching the internet I figured out that the Bitdefender 2 box was using opendns for DNS by default, opendns is anti civil rights (2A).

    Good news is that there is an option to use a custom DNS on the Bitdefender 2 box.  I changed it and should not have this problem any longer.

    opendns for DNS should not be the out of the box default on the Bitdefender 2 box, you should let your customers decide for themselves.


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    Thank you for the update.

    In the future for Box related issue, please post on the Box are of this Forum.

    Thank you!