Disabled Antispam feature keeps re-enabling itself when Outlook starts

I just installed Bitdefender 2020 Ttoal Security and I have a very annoying problem with Antispam feature. I use Outlook 2016 as my email client and out of the box Antispam feature was enabled.

Bitdefender Antispam was marking pretty much all emails as spam and I actually don't have an issue with spam (it's already handled by my email provider) so I just want to disable it. I can disable it but the issue is that it keeps re-enabling itself!

After some testing I determined that this is happening when I start Outlook. I can open Bitdefender on one monitor and I can see that Antispam is disabled. I start Outlook on another monitor and after about 20-30 seconds I can see Antispam re-enable itself (without me touching it). I submitted a ticket through the app but the response was not helpful. It stated that I need to be using Administrator account to chnage Bitdefender settings. I am using Administrator account and I don't have problem with changing the settings. Thge issue is just with Antispam setting which is  overriding what I set and re-enabling Antispam when I start Outlook.

Has anyone seen anything like it? Any suggestions?


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