In your court BD

Time to rant on the forums about Bitdefender since they are not giving me any answers and calling out their bs and misleading purchases and links. I hate wasting my time for something so petty but this needs to get addressed which they have never done in any emails or correspondence.

 I recently purchased the Antivirus Plus for 3 devices. I require more protection for 2 more devices. If one follows the links provided in the Bitdefender Program or even the Bitdefender Central, there is links for  "Purchase More Devices" for "Antivirus Plus" . So I did. There was no activation key (which they seem to forget to give me when I purchased the original antivirus and a pain in the a$$ to get onto chat to get the activation code) and the "chat " person said I purchased the wrong product, even though the link I used says "Antivirus Plus for More devices" on the links provided. Funny thing is that the purchase was pending for ever 10 days before multiple emails from me and a very late response from them saying my purchase was "fraudulent" I make online purchases almost every day with BITDEFENDERS Protection. Never have I had a fraud from anyone in my time of using a card, except this one time from BD...nope, not buying this BD. Calling you out on this. My VISA card would have called/text/emailed me for one thing and they did not... I saw was a purchase pending, Show me my fraud link! This is a poor excuse from BD to cover there a$$ for a mismanaged link and customer service. I have provided pics of proof of purchase for convenience yet BD has never responded to them. And if they do, how many weeks before I get a response? In your court BD.





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