Can't install on a macbook

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We're trying to install bitdefender on my daughter's mac using my multi-device subscription. I have sent the link multiples and even had her login to my account, but each time it asks for an activation code and won't take the ones I have because it claims to have already been used. Does anyone know what I should do to get it to activate?



  • sbd119

    Same problem here - bought there 5 licence pack - installed OK on my MacBook Pro, a windows laptop and both my and my wife's iPhones - but cannot install on my wife's MacBook Pro - when I download and install my MacBook Pro disappears from Bitdefender central. Have e-mailed support and am awaiting a reply.

  • Donjure

    I am having the exact same issue. I send a link to others and once required to type in activation code a message is :"already being used by another account"

    So, how do I use my 10 licenses?

  • Flexx
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    Hi Member,

    Kindly try below steps:

    Instead of downloading the setup from central, kindly download the setup file directly from the bitdefender website :

    Next, after a sucessful installation, bitdefender central windows will open where you will have to input registered email id and password.

    If everything goes fine, product should be activated as per your central subscription.

    If you still face any issue, kindly drop an email to Kindly note that reply might take time due to covid19 & less staff, but support staff will reply back as soon as possible.

    If this helps, Kindly click agree.



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  • Jayakrishnan

    Hello @enwboulder

    1. First visit, Click on ‘My Subscription’, click on ‘Activation code’, activate the product (if this is already done, then:)
    2. Reboot your mac. Open Bitdefender application. Make sure you login using the same Bitdefender account credentials which you used to register the activation code at
    3. Also you can login to and tap on ‘My Devices’ tap to see the current status of all your devices. Also click on the ‘My Subscriptions’ button on left panel to see the current subscription status.

    Thanks & regards,

  • Steck1108
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    I also encountered a similar phenomenon on my MacBook Pro, and managed to find the cause, diagnose it, and put it into operation.

    In terms of the process, I added it on My Device from the site of Bitdefender Central from Safari, but the malfunction of Safafi's engine Webkit has appeared considerably, and after repeated tests with other companies' browsers (Firefox), the Webkit engine Since there is a problem around secure authentication in, updating MAC-OS and Safari, canceling pop-up block, deleting temporary browser file of MAC-OS itself does not work, I managed to use cleaner software of other companies together.

    .. Apparently, in addition to the temporary files of Safari of MAC-OS, the restrictions of the folder for software expansion are quite different on the MAC-OS side, so once the installation fails, Conf other than manually deleting the installation expansion folder of Bitdefender I think it's a file, but it went well with the manual deletion and then the countrying work with an external registry cleaner software. Generally, I understand the character of the MAC version of Bitdefender, so I decided to do the same next time. I think that it is not sold overseas, but I succeeded in scanning and deleting with "Buho-Cleaner".

    * Https://

  • Steck1108
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    Although it is Buho-Cleaner, it was possible to support it with a free version instead of a paid license.