Confused About Adding Firewall Rule

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I have a list of addresses that I need to have the firewall allow.

These would be actual web addresses, example ''. (This is obviously not one of them).

In the Firewall section it seems only to allow me to browse my hard drive to allow ".exe's". How do I allow certain web addresses access. Thank you.


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    Hi Member,

    Kindly follow the steps available in below links

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  • I have completed the steps in the second link that you posted. It worked fine.

    The only question I still have is when I look under the Firewall setting it is asking for a port number. How do I determine what port number that I need to put in there? Thx.

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    According to Wikipedia for an HTTP website port number is 80 & for HTTP Secure (HTTPS) website port number is 443. So now that depends whether the website that you surfing starts with http or https and accordingly enter the port number.

    Source : Wikipedia :

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  • Thanks for giving me that information. I have run into another confusing issue. (posting screenshot).

    I assumed that i could just type in '' under IP and it would accept it. I got an invalid path. So I typed in the entire address 'htttps://' and it still is giving me an invalid path message.

    Is it wanting the actual IP addresses (numbers) of the remote sites? Thnx.

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    IP always relates to numerical numbers, it means it needs IP address of website and not website URL.

    Some websites that will reveal IP address of other website :


    Though for


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  • I have the same question actually. Your answer doesn't really say how Bitdefender could help the user decide what to do. Win 10 is throwing tons of services, tasks and sometimes apps, to blacklisted URLs like Doubleclick, google-Analytics, Ms-Update and sometimes to adresses that isnt URL.

    There are very good sites to check other websites. Both with name, fake name and IP.

    Can Bitdefender help the user with valid Firewall requests and fake/rerouted ones?

    For example:

    The application GetHelp.exe attempted to connect to the Internet: File path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.GetHelp_10.2004.31291.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\GetHelp.exe Destination: Protocol: TCP (6) Port: HTTPS (6) Bitdefender Firewall has granted access for this application based on user request. If you want to deny access, click on the button below or go to Firewall - Rules

    This is a perfectly normal and valid win 10 request. I know that as a win 10 system admin. But how can anyone know thats real, and not malware trying to hijack Get-HelpApp? The destination makes no sense what so design.

    There are 3 settings you can put the firewall in, correct?

    Could each of those settings have sub-sections the user could choose from?

    I would prefer the PILOT to run the firewall itself. But I need to be able to allow new Steam game connections for example, hehe.

    If I run into a specific problem, I'll mail your support (as long as Im a subscriber).

    But it would be nice if Bitdefender could help out the the OP asks. The answer from the tech is awesome. But doesnt really help the user.

    Yes, yes, Firewalls are harsh beasts to make automatic. But Bitdefender cleaned out my USB ports, USB drives and quite alot of other malware I had no clue I had. So I'll like to ask about the firewall =).

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    Since forum only provides limited support, kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding your query. You can also share your feedback with them regarding bitdefender products and they will internally share it with the development team.

    Response may be delayed due to less staff and covid19. Rest be assured, they will reply back asap.

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