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You may cancel your Bitdefender subscription from Bitdefender Central or by contacting Customer Support at:

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Trust problem due to conflicting info. How do I make sure to disable auto renewal?

BD AV just email-prompted me for a renewal of the subscription. The email says it will update at end of june and bill me automatically. I have not agreed to this.

So I logon and check my settings. It says Subscription status: Avtive Auto-renewal: disabled

I then want to make sure that there is no way I have the auto-renewal active anywhere, so I use the support tab and find an instruction how to change the settings. But the support page does NOT look like the page it refers to, and there is NO option to change subscription settings. The link showing on support page does not exist in my settings.

So now my trust have failed for this company. On the 29th of june it may or may not withdraw 799sek from my account (and what the acctual F! The first year it was 399sek. I do not want to pay double for being a loyal customer!) To make matters even worse, it says that my subscription is for Mac OS, and I have a PC and wouldnt dream of getting a Mac. And also, the dates of the subscription looks really wierd.

I now want to end my subscription to BD since all things combined it make me uneasy about the status of this company. How do i make 100% sure that no money will be drawn from my account in the end of june?