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Home WiFi with Bitdefender Box 2


I have a Box 2 I have been using as a router and home protection since February. I also have Total Security. I plugged another (Netgear) router in as an access point in another room a month ago and all has been working fine. I noticed the other day that the Bitdefender network has been weak and isn't showing up as an option on my devices. When pull up the Central app on my phone, it doesn't show the bit defender box as online or even available to get into to reboot the box or check any settings. I'm not a savvy net work person, so I'm not sure where to start?


  • Jayakrishnan

    Hello @CreditJeff ,

    Quickest way is to do is just unplug and power and plug it back in which makes the device restart.

    If you are still facing the issue after rebooting, please drop a mail to describing the problem you are facing. Bitdefender Box team will reply back to you via email at the earlist.

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  • Mrodz71
    edited July 2020


    So you have been using wifi from Box AND Netgear for the last month and Box just recently got weak?

    Could be a channel issue.

    You may want to download a wifi analyzer that tells you which channels are strongest where and then set them to only use specific channels per band (2.4ghz and 5ghz). Do it on each access point.

    Try a couple of different highly rated apps to double check selections. Once you set the channels on each, check again to make sure the recommendations from the app stays the same.

    Two or more wifi networks can interfere with one another. If you have neighbors with wifi, their networks add to the issue. Something like a neighbor upgrading to a more powerful system can do it too.

  • CreditJeff


    I'll try that. The support team has been helpful in getting me back online, but inevitably I keep having the same issue.