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Additional Parental Control Information

edited January 2022 in Parental Control

Good day!

I currently use Bitdefender Family 2020 to protect our families devices. As a family with young children, the parental control features that are currently available are an important feature for us. Due to COVID-19, our children are spending more time on their devices out of boredom and also for home schooling.

I have implemented Web Activity monitoring and configured it allow/block specific websites/content. Make no mistake, I absolutely love this feature! But there is a bit of information that I feel like it's missing.

In the Website Activity card, I can see the categories that are being accessed. But I feel that it could be taken a step further and list the websites that are being visited under the category that they are assigned.

Better visibility is almost always a good thing. If it is possible to see exactly what website is being accessed if any have been miscategorized or unintentionally blocked by the Interest category. This would allow the parent the opportunity to manually block/allow that specific website.

This could also be helpful as a troubleshooting method to more easily determine which category may be blocking content unintentionally. Additionally the information could also be leveraged as feedback to help define those categories.

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  • JamesC

    It looks like I'm not the first to express this idea. I also found a post in a different section by kikireeki. Link to that post below.

  • Andy_BD
    Andy_BD ✭✭✭

    Hi @JamesC! Thanks for sharing your idea with us and highlighting the fact that it's not the first time it was talked about.

    I've forwarded this to one of our product managers to get their thoughts on it.


  • Podolvl1717
    Podolvl1717 Product Manager

    Hi @JamesC,

    Thank you for taking the time to suggest this improvement for our Parental Control Product. 

    We have been analysing the perfect balance between the child security and privacy in conjunction with the visibility we could offer to the parents for quite some time. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no comfortable way to provide more visibility without compromising the security or the privacy we are offering.

    Rest assured, our web activity engine is updated to match the increased usage generated COVID-19.

    Hope this answers helps and stay safe.