Web protection keeps turning off on my phone.

I am using the trial version of the app for Android. I have. Blackview 9600. Everytime I open the BitDefender app to run a scan or just check the safety of my device, on the main page in the app it says your device is at risk. Then it tells me to exclude BitDefender from being optimized and to turn on web protection/accesibility. I have already done these things but for some reason they keep automatically turning off like every 5 minutes. The optimization is always set to not exclude so that doesn't actually change but the app keeps telling me I have to exclude BitDefender from being optimized and then the web protection is almost always off. I turn it on and as little 5 minutes later it is off again. Is there a setting I am unaware of that will prevent this from happening? Otherwise I'm not sure I see a purpose in purchasing the premium version if my device is continuously at risk. Thank you for your help.


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