"Safe files" is blocking a game

Hey guys,

i tried to launch "Crusader Kings 3" for a couple of hours now. Turns out the Function "Safe Files" was blocking the launcher, because now when i disabled it everything is working just fine.

Is there a possibility to allow Crusader Kings 3 to manipulate the folder in "Documents" without completely disabling "Safe Files". Or in other words: Can one make the Documents folder an exception of being protected by "Safe Files".

Thanks for the help and sorry for my english,



  • @Alfadur

    The easiest way is simply to add the executable file for your game to the list of allowed applications in Safe Files. That way, your Documents folder is still protected from possible malware attack, which will not be the case if you remove the Documents folder as one of the Protected folders.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.