Bitdefender application not responding



  • Mine started today or at least I first noticed it today. Same issue. Catalina 10.5.7

  • same problems -- reached out over a week ago and opened support ticket, sent logs, etc. Called twice and was told 24-48 hours. emailed twice, no one at BD bothered to tell me about this issue so here i am thinking it is my mac or something i did wrong in the install process. i am getting not secure pop up window messages in the BD central. Nothing works. Reinstalled OS and problems continued... spent two days trying to figure out what the issue was and had no idea it was a common problem until i came here. I have the paid version but I am not a happy camper right now... It is now October 9th.... Anyone get relief yet?

  • I had the same issue in that when carrying out a system scan after a period of time BD would crash I would get the rainbow wheel of death leading to me having to force quit BD and reboot.

    I eventually solved the issue by uninstalling BD and doing a re-installation via my BD account. I noticed on the re-install that web protection for Safari was unchecked, where it had previously been installed. I did not re-install the web protection for Safari and since then it seems to be working fine. Full scans appear to work as normal and there have been no issues.

    I have upgraded to Big Sur and BD still seems to be working fine.

    Whilst I managed to solve the issue BD's support on this does seem rather poor given the messages on here.