Bitdefender application not responding



  • Installing TrafficLight fixed for me - Antivirus for Mac - Protection - Web Protection - TrafficLight. Thanks for the tip __jp__!

  • I'm running Catalina 10.15.7 and don't appear to be having any issues with the interface; HOWEVER, since iOS14 the Bitdefender Central app on my iPhone has been extremely slow and when clicking on the 'Notifications' tab at the bottom of the app, it takes forever to respond - it at all. For the first few days of the iOS14 release it was working fine but then suddenly started having issues. The app is v2.78 (which is the latest) and I have not altered or changed anything on my phone. One of the most annoying thing is when clicking the 'Activity' tab in the bottom left, the Browsing Activity of the devices under my account no longer displays - it suddenly stopped 4 days ago. Again, nothing was changed or altered on my end. I logged a ticket but I'm still waiting to hear back.

    And today - every time I try to login to Bitdefender Central on my Mac thru either Chrome or Safari or my iPhone with the app, I get an 'Internal Server Error'. Problems galore....

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    edited September 2020

    I was running Bitdefender on four MacBooks. Not real comfortable having an antivirus app that may not be doing its job. No email notice from the company warning me, no information on whether the app is working in the background.

  • Fixed it by opening safari extensions and enable/disable all the bitdefender extensions.

    Whether you leave it on or off is up to you, just make sure you toggle it.


    After admitting they (***BD***) caused the problem, we've had almost not communications from BD.

    We don't know if the BD sofware is still working (it seems to be downloading virus signatures from your server).

    I can't tell you (***BD***) how disappointed I am in your management of this issue.

    This is starting to look like both a technical failure and a serious corporate failure on your part (***BD***).

    It's also starting to look like there must be something more serious happening here than we (the users) know.

    HAVE YOU (***BD***) BEEN HACKED???????????

    HAVE WE BEEN HACKED???????????




  • Deleting and rebuilding my Spotlight index worked for me. Instructions here: BD is now running at its usual speed.

  • Same issue what is going on... why are we not getting a fix or getting a response?

  • So I don't even use safari and have had this issue for a few days now. Opened Safari (for the first time in probably a year) and disabled all the extensions from BItDefender and everything is back to normal now and interface is normal! Thanks for the suggestion guys!

  • What????? What do SJHuskey's Spotlight and Omid's Safari "fix" have in common?

  • By the way, I have Safari (which i never use). Just checked my Safari Preferences and I have no active extensions... So Safari isn't my problem...

  • I would enable and then disable the bitdefender extension just in case.

  • Oh my goodness, Omid. That worked!!!!!! No more spinning wheel of death in the BD Dashboard.

    I went into Safari and turned on all three BD extensions (Anti-tracker Engine, Anti-tracker Icon, and TrafficLight). Then I closed Safari. .... Spinning wheel of death gone!

    Then I reopened Safari and turned off all three BD extensions and closed Safari.... Spinning wheel of death still gone!!!

    Does anybody feel they understand what is going on here and why, if it is so simple to correct, BD hasn't engaged with us before now to remedy this problem?

  • Can confirm... I never use Safari but went in to Safari settings and enabled all three BitDefender extensions. Closed Safari. Reopened Safari and disabled all three BD extensions. Rebooted MacBook and no more spinning wheel of death! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Not sure if this fixes the root of the problem. Hope BD still has plans to get a fix out so this doesn't happen again.

  • Thanks, Zana. This fixed it for me too. Well spotted. Worth a pint, that.

  • I'm frustrated as well! Bitdefender did a great job overall, and even seemed to catch a virus today (!!!), but now when I turn on the computer I get a spinning pinwheel and the app doesn't seem responsive. I am running Catalina 10.15.6. This is ridiculous. I need to do work on my laptop, but I can't get the Bitdefender to respond. Very disappointed.

  • Same issue, both MacOS 10.15.6 and 10.15.7. Whenever I try to open the app or click on the menu icon it just spins forever. Eventually the window appears but you can't interact with it (just the spinning beachball). Force quit does not remove the window: only restarting. Very annoying to say the least!

  • "P.S. Toggling the Disable Extensions option in the Develop menu in Safari seems to have solved the issue for me, at least for now. The BD interface seems to be working zippily."

    This worked for me, thank you

  • Same issue here, Bitdefender is freezing so badly I can't even force quit from Activity Monitor. Really bad software QA, Not impressed, I'm considering quitting my sub.

  • This is on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, 2017 iMac.

  • It was fine before, just roll back the changes you made until you can debug the issue.

  • Mine started today or at least I first noticed it today. Same issue. Catalina 10.5.7

  • same problems -- reached out over a week ago and opened support ticket, sent logs, etc. Called twice and was told 24-48 hours. emailed twice, no one at BD bothered to tell me about this issue so here i am thinking it is my mac or something i did wrong in the install process. i am getting not secure pop up window messages in the BD central. Nothing works. Reinstalled OS and problems continued... spent two days trying to figure out what the issue was and had no idea it was a common problem until i came here. I have the paid version but I am not a happy camper right now... It is now October 9th.... Anyone get relief yet?

  • I had the same issue in that when carrying out a system scan after a period of time BD would crash I would get the rainbow wheel of death leading to me having to force quit BD and reboot.

    I eventually solved the issue by uninstalling BD and doing a re-installation via my BD account. I noticed on the re-install that web protection for Safari was unchecked, where it had previously been installed. I did not re-install the web protection for Safari and since then it seems to be working fine. Full scans appear to work as normal and there have been no issues.

    I have upgraded to Big Sur and BD still seems to be working fine.

    Whilst I managed to solve the issue BD's support on this does seem rather poor given the messages on here.

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