New Protection window partial/scrollable at 125% scale


Just was requested to reboot my computer to complete the installation of the newest version of BD,

Naturally it's very different looking, which is of course very annoying to longtime users who were quite happy with the forever interface and appearance. If it's not broke don't fix it, but maybe there will be some actual technical fixes... like allowing password-protected files to automatically be skipped during a custom system scan... instead of remaining incomplete and onscreen for 20 hours awaiting my go-ahead on an unattended machine that is only looked at once a day.

Anyway, this thread is to report a problem. The "protection" GUI window is incompletely presented using my 125% scaling. I am now forced to scroll vertically to see the bottom item ("Antispam").

The window itself is not re-sizable (i.e. there is no way to pull the edges or corners to make the window larger) so I have no choice but to scroll to see that bottom item.


Either that or make the window resizable and remember the new size, so that I can resize it myself however I want.

Or, just make it big enough.


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    Just in passing I post the image of the previous longtime BD GUI window for Protection, again with display scale setting at 125%. Note that everything is displayed perfectly and completely.

    NOTE 1: I don't know if it is intentional, or yet another bug in the new version GUI, but the version 24 "category bar" down the left side showed a final item name "Support" which had three useful sub-items in it. The new version 25 no longer shows "Support". Is that by design, or by defect?? Actually, I now see that this was implemented through a new "basketball" button on the right side of the window's title bar. It would be helpful if hovering the mouse over this "basketball" would produce a flyout HELP that had the text "customer support".

    NOTE 2: Again, bug or feature? What happened to "My Account" as available in the version 24 "category bar" down the left side. It is also missing in version 25. Actually, I now see that this was implemented by presenting my account name up on the right side of the window's title bar. And a simple left-click on my name presents the same "My Account" items which used to be presented by clicking on the "My Account" item on the old category bar. Again, it would be helpful if hovering the mouse over my name would produce a flyout HELPF that had the text "My account info".

  • DSperber

    NOTE: just checked to see if there was any new setting in "Scans -> edit" to see if I could force automatic bypass of password-protected files, which is the request I made about 10 months ago and which was responded to back then as "good idea, passed to development". This would avoid my weekly custom system scan sitting incomplete and unfinished onscreen for an indefinite period of time awaiting my keyboard input to simply say "ignore this one, and ignore any others you may run into".

    Why can't I just have a SETTING to say do this always???

    Anyway, version 25 does not seem to have changed anything on this subject. Still ridiculous and unfixed.