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High CPU Usage While Computer Locked

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When I lock my Windows 10 computer, as soon as the screen turns off, the fan gets very loud due to high CPU usage. However, as soon as I unlock the computer, the CPU drops and the fan soon shuts off. When I check Task Manager immediately upon unlocking, usually the System process has the most usage (sub-10%), but I do not see any process with high CPU usage. Whatever is causing this seems to hide itself as soon as I unlock the computer. This happens even while the computer is in airplane mode. My Windows operating system has no pending updates.

I have scanned it with Bitdefender Total Security, Malwarebytes, and Spybot. None of these have resolved this problem. I heard that some malware can mine for cryptocurrency while the computer is idle. I would like to get to the root of this problem. What else should I do to troubleshoot this?


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    Hi Member,

    Well the issue which you are stating may be in relation with coinminer malware, but since you have already scanned the system with bitdefender & malwarebytes and no detection has occurred, hence we can drop the case in relation with coinminer malware.

    I excluded spybot in my reply since the free version of spybot is only an adware/ spyware scanner which uses its own engine, but the paid version of spybot makes use of its own adware/ spyware engine with additional malware engine of bitdefender integrated in their product.

    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your query. Your issue can be resolved by support only. But make sure you are using a paid version of bitdefender product and not the free version, since support mainly deals issue with paid version of the product and free version users are redirected to bitdefender forum/ community.



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