File Vault Gone - Cannot Access My Encrypted Files

My BitDefender just auto updated to the new version without File Vault -- I had no idea this was coming or I would have backed up my files. But here we are...

I've gone through the whole File Vault Recovery Utility but it's not working. I give it the location of the .bvd vault file, I punch in the password, I give it a drop directory to place the files, and I run the export. It displays a bunch of text as it works through the process and then displays "Transfer Finalized" but when I check the drop directory, it's blank. The transfer is not working. I even tried running it with an intentionally incorrect password and it still ran through the same process and displayed "Transfer Finalized" without throwing an error... something is not right about this tool.

What is the deal? How do I get my files out? I tried uninstalling BitDefender and reinstalling the 2019 version but it just hits the BitDefender server which automatically sends the most up to date version. I'm at loss. Can anyone assist?

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  • You are the man, Flex!

    Two updates on the process though:

    1) I didn't have to make a temporary BD central account. Not sure if my original uninstall left some metadata behind or if the new install grabbed my login details from a browser cookie but it knew my account information and automatically logged me in. This did not keep me from accessing the file vault.

    2) Once complete, right clicking the systray icon reveals an "Update Now" button which allowed me to simply let the 2020 version update to 2021, avoiding another uninstall/reinstall.

    Thanks so much for the quick and accurate fix to my issue. I really appreciate it!

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Nice to know that your issue has been resolved. Well since I did not knew what product you were using (internet security or total security) that is why I probed to uninstall & then reinstall 2021 version, but if the product you were using was indeed BTS then it will automatically upgraded to 2021 version.



  • I had the same problem. Why not have Bitdefender fix the bugs in their bdfvcl  utility instead of having the paying customers go through hoops.

    P.S. It would have been really nice/smart to have sent a notification, just like when an update needs a restart. Better yet, why not check to see if there are any file vaults active and not do the update that eliminates vaults? 😣

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member

    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding your query .They will reply back asap.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Thank you Flex,

    I had the same problem - get no support / solution from the Bitdefender support - but a solution which works from you!!! Also the "solution" published by Bitdefender is not working at all.

    Thank you - thank you - thank you.

    You should get paid by Bitdefender for offering help and solutions which are working to other users!!!😉

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭
  • Too bad. Why to eliminate from product lists? --YJ

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Below is the official link from bitdefender which states the features that have been removed in Bitdefender 2021 for Windows OS



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • i have the same problem! one question before i go throught the above mentioned process: how does this affect my stored password data in my bitdefender wallet?!?

    thank you, tom

  • Same here. My important files are in the Vault, i pay a service and now i can extract. Whats wrong with this world?

  • This is outrageous. Why didn't you send an e-mail to your customers in advance; 30 days from now we are shutting down the vault. The reason I bought this software was for the vault. You need to send some kind of update so we can get our vault files. I'm not going through an obstacle course to get my files. Above you state it moved to the cloud. I don't want my personal files on a server in Russia or China; no thank you. I went to your user guide online and it's for the 2020 version. So how do we use your cloud server in Russia? I called 6 months ago for support on something else and the person I talked to couldn't tell the time of day. I sent an e-mail complaining about the call and never got a response. You lost a customer. Good luck with your business.............

  • I agree with all of these complaints. I completely regret paying for your software, now that you have altered the services offered and stolen our most sensitive files, obstructing us from our own PAID access. I feel betrayed and utterly disappointed.

  • Oh my GOD, what a mistake I have done buying total security. The main option which forced me to buy this product was file vault, and it's not there anymore.

    Whoever reads this, don't buy this software. There are very good software like Kaspersky with lower price and better options. I wish i could take my money back

  • I purchased this product for the vault as well. Not happy, tried their solution and it does not work.

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