How to print in SafePay ??

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I'm a new Bitdefender user with a Windows 10 laptop and i find I can't do the type of printing i want in Safepay. Whenever i tried to print in safepay, it gives me a message to "virtual print not default printer in Windows Settings". I always print to pdf format but i cant see any option in safepay.


  • It's a very difficult situation. I often need to print the PDF of any transaction i made. If i cant even print in SafePay, then it's a serious matter of concern. Fortunately, i have a physical printer and i workaround with this "peculiar" situation but what about those who don't own a printer. Isn't SafePay completely useless for them if they cant even print ? You cant expect people to take picture of the transaction using phone. I was using Kaspersky before Bitdefender and i never faced such problem with it. The point is that its a major flaw in SafePay if you cant print virtually.

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    Hi Member,

    According to bitdefender support :

    You may print using SafePay, however, you need to use a physical printer and not via a software. Also, you cannot choose the colors or grayscale when printing from SafePay. Also, you cannot use print to PDF, only to print open PDF files.

    Introducing such a function for Safepay is somewhat delicate as our primary focus is to keep it an enclosed environment where no 3rd party software may interfere to help users stay relaxed when doing online banking.

    If you need more information, kindly contact bitdefender support via dropping an email to [email protected] .They will reply back asap.



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  • I made a payment but when i tried to print the receipt, a notifications comes saying that " default printer...." Is there any way to print the pdf version MyMileStone Card

  • I tried with above information provide, I'm still facing issue donno if it is a printer issue

  • Thought I'd give Safepay a try today and paid a bill. Tried to print a copy of the confirmation and I, too, was unable to print either from the website's print button or from the safepay print button. Ended up copying the page, exiting out of Safepay and then pasting into a Wordpad file. Not the best option, but at least I had a record of the payment. Obviously, can't do that with everything. Had to log back in to the site in the regular browser to download my statement. Have Bitdefender Total Security 2013. Safepay is a great concept, but needs work and would be great if someone from BD would get back with this thread as to whether this issue will be fixed. Mymilestonecard

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