Why won''t some of my 20 BD seats automatically update to

I have 20 licensed machines, all up-to-date and protected.

Most of them automatically updated to over the past month or so.

For some reason, a handful of these 20 machines machines are still back at They show last update of 10/27.

Why are these machines "stuck" at back-level product? Why won't they update themselves automatically and prompt for a re-boot if necessary?

Why can't I manually initiate a current update? When I do click on "update" (from right-click context menu on system tray icon) all it does is check for current virus definitions, but apparently not product engine updates as well. So it says I'm 100% up-to-date, when obviously this is untrue.

There needs to be an "update application"s somewhere, say on the actual Settings "UPDATE" tab where there are only the options for when/how updates are to be done. Obviously this isn't effective. I need a PUSH-BUTTON to cause the product update to the latest engine version.

But again... why aren't these few machine automatically updating themselves to

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