Persistent installation request...RarSFX0\bddeploy.exe

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I recently uninstalled an old version of Bitdefender Antivrus Free and Bitdefender Agent (via Windows 10 “Uninstall or change a program” panel). I then downloaded and installed the latest version.

Subsequent to that, each time I turned on my laptop, logged in to W10 and connected to wi-fi, a dialogue box would appear asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”. It was for Bitdefender Installation file, Verified Publisher Bitdefender SRL, Program location ……...App Data\Local\Temp\RarSFX0\bddeploy.exe. There seems to be no reason for this, as Bitdefender loads and appears to be functioning as it should. I deleted the temporary file, but the problem arose again when I next connected to wi-fi. I again deleted the temporary file, then uninstalled Bitdefender and did a fresh install.

None of those actions resolved the issue...I still get the Installation File request every time I connect to wi-fi.

Any suggestions for eliminating this persistent and annoying bug?


  • I am seeing this as well, except for slightly different "RarsFX<n>" directory.

  • I am having a similar problem with this as well. When I download the exe from central to downloads, the uac prompt shows that the program is located in Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\RarXFS0\bddeploy.exe. I don't see or understand a need for this.

  • I am having the same problem and believe that Bitdefender's app has been hacked / corrupted in some way and is trying to download malware onto our computers. Interestingly, the file disappears when I try to locate it. As soon as I find the file, RarXFS0 or RarXFS1 the file disappears. The fact that Bitdefender has not responded to this is concerning.

    Very concerning and poor support from Bitdefender in not responding to this issue.

  • I have the same problem too, and here I saw a lot of solutions from the support, good

  • Same problem except I looked at the IP it is sending to and it is CloudFlare. Bitdefender has a few warnings about CloudFlare. I made a rule blocking that IP address. But it added a rule to allow Bddeploy to run (without asking).