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Bitdefender Crashes Windows 10 Lock Screen while Scanning


Hey forum! I just wanted to say first that I really like this product otherwise, and I haven't had any problems with it, so long as Bitdefender actually keeps up with their research and threat database, such that they still have the utmost in virus and malware protection.

What I've found is that Windows 10 Lock Screen on my computer crashes on wake (with user input) whenever I allow the computer to lock while performing a system scan. This is especially frustrating since the only way to scan my whole computer is to either babysit the computer for several hours, perform a scan while I plan to use the computer for the next several hours, or just run it, and allow the computer to lock. Locking the computer manually via the start menu seems to help, but I just got my first crash doing that as well. Is anyone else on the forum experiencing this problem? Bitdefender, is a fix for this issue possible or completed?

Thanks for your time, guys,