Bad update today


Auto-updated 2h ago. All Windows UI got uber-slow, with 1-2 minute delays on all taskbar actions like open Start Menu, or start Task Manager. Same after reboot.

Uninstalled for now.


  • EnriqueRamos
    edited December 2020

    It wasn't really bad but surely wasn't great either! It has a bad impact on my following page:

  • benign76



    Wanted to share my experience with recent bad update.

    My mother had been hounding me to look at a her computer for couple of days. I logged into her account and restarted her computer as she always seems to never restart. I logged back in as her, went down to the taskbar and right clicked on Bitdefender's update now option. Restarted the computer when prompted and after reboot windows went to automatic system repair to diagnosing your pc for 1 hr. Stayed like that and never got to the repair option. I turned off the computer, remove side panel and pulled the SSD. Used a docking station and software called HD Tune to check SSD health on my computer. In HD Tune I looked at power on hours count, unexpected power loss and interface CRC count. All was good, purpose of the check is I wanted to rule out this was not a Hardware issue from both the SSD or the motherboard controller. I did not check the windows mini dump folder for logs as it did not bluescreen. Having the SSD in a Docking station, I decided to back up my mother's data. FYI mother is a standard user, there was no virus as I check when it was in the docking station.

    As I was waiting on my computer for data to be copied to another SSD, I contacted Bitdefenders support and ask if updates can be undone short answer no! I was also asked if I had another security solution on my mother's computer my answer was no! By navigating in Bitdefenders console to find maybe a log to moms computer the website closed the support chat window? I didn't bother to contact support again as I knew that they did not have the answer to what I was looking for. Data backed up was complete, I did a chkdsk /r in CMD to possibly remove the stuck diagnosing your pc loop. I did not run the SFC /scannow or bootrec option; as I though to myself this is a lot of work for Bitdefender update hose. I put the SSD back into the computer and booted it up to be still stuck at diagnosing your pc. 

    Night time is burning, I decided to use a windows 10 media (USB) and chose the repair this computer selection. And then tried the system restore option, didn't work. At this point I have everything I need to rebuild mom's computer. It was taking to long to troubleshoot (2hr). Rebuilt mom's computer and installed Bitdefender after all windows 10 updates/upgrades. Then put everything back to what it was. It took about 2 hours; 30 mins to build the OS, 1.5 hours for software and data restore.

    The lesson I learned from this experience is to always back up your data. Whether through cloud solutions of your choosing, external backup/NAS or manually coping your data from a docked SSD/HDD (OS not booting-drive) to known good SSD/HDD. 

    Can you imagine me not knowing how to do all this and having to pay someone else. It would have costed me -$600 and Bitdefender -$30.

    Remember when AVG broke a bunch of window 7 x64 machines that felt like this.

    I did a lot of service calls between 2008-2010 just for that.


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