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No wifi/network

Since a few month I've problems with wifi/network connectivity. Serveral PC's within mij home will loose network connectivity. Sometimes the PC needs to be rebooted for getting back the network connectivity.

In first instance I blamed my Unifi network. However recently I've made pcap trace on an Unifi AP when a windows 10 PC had again a problem with this. In the pcap trace I saw an ip traffic flow from PC to Network and also from Network to PC however PC didn't respond on these. After turning of Bitdefender the network connection came fully back. 

At this moment my children are doing exams from home. A reliable network connecion a PC are required. When the network connect fails then they fill fail exam. 

Does somebody know what and which parameter of Bitdefender is causing this issue?


  • Alex_A
    Alex_A ✭✭✭

    Probably in the firewall settings there is no permission to access the Internet for those programs that need access to the network

  • There is connection to the network/internet from the PC. however ALL responses are blocked by Bitdefender on the PC. So on the PC it looks like you don't have a network connection but that is caused by Bitdefender on the PC to block the return path.

    l also looked in the logs of Bitdefender however I couldn't find anything related to this situation.

  • Alex_A
    Alex_A ✭✭✭

    What options are set in Firewall -> Settings -> Default Application Behavior?

    1. Check set to automatic

    2. Check the rules for the program you need in firewall. Click this program if it has two switch, turn on both

  • My son had to do his exam so we turned all the main items as e.g. firewall of Bitdefender on his PC off (see ). This to prevent a network issue during his exam. After exam he used the computer for gaming on the internet without enabling Bitdefender. After a certain moment the network problem popped up again. The network connectivity issue was solved when the Bitdefender firewall was turned on then off again. At this moment the firewall is turned on and he gaming already again for more than two hours however it is a matter of time when this issue will pop up again. Important is that we know know how to solve the network issue however this is certainly not ideal.

    I have two PC's from HP and two laptops from Dell with Bitdefender on it and with all the same issue.

    Can please somebody from Bitdefender comment on this? It looks like this is a software bug. I've also a MacBook Pro with Bitdefender and have no problems.

  • Alex_A
    Alex_A ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020

    I'll try to suggest this option.

    Take a look and change these firewall settings

    1. Bitdefender main window -> settings -> default application behavior -> change default rules -> set to allow or automatic.

    2. Bitdefender main window -> network connections -> enable -> home/office network

    3. Bitdefender main window -> tool -> customize profiles -> automatically activate profiles -> enabled or activate profiles manually -> work profile -> enabled

  • Hi Alex, I'll try these setting tomorrow morning and I'll let you know. Many thanks for your response.