Exclusions and Exceptions Ignored


We have an issue, and it's a simple issue that should not exist. I have a directory, and I know this directory. I know what's inside this directory, and I plan to use this directory as a sandbox. I know that there are going to be some items in this directory that will be flagged by BitDefender, so I add it to every possible exclusion list I can think of. After doing so, I start running programs within this directory.

Please tell me as to why every file in the directory is still being flagged, and moreover that when I want to move these flagged and quarantined items back into the directory, BitDefender doesn't have the permissions to do so.

So I can either take several hundred small plugin files and manually move them into 7 subdirectories, or we could actually have an exclusion list that - wait for it - excludes contents from actions.

Am I asking for too much? I'm glad that your product is so stringent that I can't get work done, but if I wanted that I'd go back to McAfee and continue working on Government systems.

Give me some aspect of control, because the user controls in there are gimmicks at best.