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bluescreens, firewall, and other weird things


recently i have been receiving a lot of bluescreens, my firewall alert mode goes off 1-30 times per day with no pattern whatsoever, my windows updates seem to fail randomly, i come back from the shower or store to my mouse moved (keep in mind i always keep it on my main monitor and in a specific corner because im ocd for some reason) my calls and streams end get ended randomly, and i swear to god im being trolled because my computer has randomly tried restarting a few times. all of this has taken place over the past couple of weeks. im becoming severely paranoid and i can tell because ive never felt paranoid before, let alone like this. i never used to let my computer finish collecting data for a bsod but recently i decided i would not just shutdown mid bluescreen and let it collect what it needed to. and now that ive done that ONCE it has stopped happening for a few days. some other crazy shit thats been going on since a few weeks ago is that my volume will randomly max out, and then slowly drop back down. this happens almost daily now at random times, i could be doing nothing on the computer not touching my keyboard just watching netflix on my bed, and then suddenly for no reason at all my volume will max out and then slowly drop. there is a very very obvious lack of a pattern between all of these events so they dont SEEM to be triggered by something im doing. i dont have any roommates and im pretty sure no one should be sneaking in a ****** with me so im just looking for advice on what i could do to stop these problems. im tired of getting random "no media present" messages and then getting a notification that updates were uninstalled after 5 restarts every week. super annoying pls help