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Quick Scan - "Scanning in progress" STUCK at Registry item, must be STOPPED and then "X'd.

DSperber ✭✭✭
edited February 2021 in Protection

Standard daily quick scan. It's STUCK!!

I have no option but to STOP it. Every day this happens.

This happens every day. Which makes it more frustrating than the continuing Saturday weekly "freeze" (for weekly Custom System Scan) on an unattended machine on the first password-protected file awaiting my response go "skip, and don't bother me again". Since the machine is unattended I may not see this until TUESDAY!!! So it's sitting there stalled FOR THREE DAYS, not completing. I reported this problem to BitDefender Support about 14 months ago, and it's still not resolved.

And now I have a new daily problem, of STUCK QUICK SCAN that I must STOP. I am going to eliminate it indefinitely until this gets fixed.

Forgot to mention... STOP DOESN'T ACTUALLY WORK!! It pops up the "are you sure you want to stop the scan" message box, and I reply "YES". But that doesn't make it stop! I can repeat this process ad infinitum, to no avail.

I finally have to "X" the window closed, and that finally makes it all go away.