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Is there a way to remove devices that I don't recognise but are connected to my home network?

In my scan results I see, for example, "Amazon phone" (amongst other unknown devices) but none of my devices are Amazon phones so I suspect it might be a neighbour piggybacking off my WiFi. I could ping the IP address but that wouldn't identify the location or device type. If there's a block / remove option in Bitdefender, I can't find it. Short of taking a course in hacking, I'm lost 😕.Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • I think you'd have to do that at the router/wireless hub level?

    If you are using the BitDefender BOX wireless hub, you can remove devices from your network via the BD Central app or website .

    Otherwise, the most simple method of removing a piggybacking neighbour would be to change your wifi password at the router.

    or enable MAC address filtering to only allow your known devices.