User Data Collection

Does Bitdefender collect user data and then sell it to third parties?


  • Well does it !

  • I have just received an email that claims they do not.

    However it does use amazonaws. com connections to send your information i.e

    The amazonaws websites are ouwned by (I believe). I read their T&C's and found that they do collect data and sell it to third parties.

    If you copy and paste the address above into your browser you will be surprised.

    If you try to block the above address by creating a new rule in Bitdefender it will be ignored.

    Thus, Bitdefender (whilst not selling your data directly) is compilicit in your data being sold on to third parties.

    This conclusion may be wrong but... I contacted Bitdefender on the 31 Jan 2021 and still have not had a reasonable response, other than to state that they do not sell on your data.

    I welcome your comments and if you know of a security suite that blocks all the websites that the user wants to block I would greatfully apreciate it.