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Pop up "Op je systeem is geen appgeheugen meer beschikbaar" (no available app memory)


A couple of weeks ago Bitdefender found and deleted some Generic Trojan horses in an unopened mail when it was moved to the bin. Since that time I get this kind of pop up a couple of times a day, see screenshot. Especially when I am working with Photoshop. The pop up says Photoshop uses over 120 GB (on my 500 GB/16 GB macbook).

I've done a lot of things but I can't get rid of these messages:

  • Bitdefender complete scan which didn't find anything,
  • Completely remove and reinstall Photoshop without succes,
  • A Bitdefender Support Center checklist for "Mijn Mac is erg traag" (My Mac is very slow) with restarting in safe mode and reindexing with Spotlight. Also without succes.

Activity monitor tells Photoshop is using over 100% CPU (I didn't know that is possible).

I am out of ideas so please help.


  • Hi Eduard, did you find a solution to your problem? I am dealing with the same message on my brand new Mac Mini M1 1TB/16GB. In my case Adobe Bridge is the one with the highest usage. It is popping up right now while I'm typing. I wonder if it has to do with non M1 Adobe apps (working via Rosetta)? Do you have an M1 Macbook?