Bitdefender Total Security slows down Windows 10 Updates

This is something I've wanted to report for a year or so now. As the title says, every time there's a cumulative Windows 10 update, the whole process is significantly slowed down -- Both the download and installation. It can literally take hours to finish with the whole system coming to a crawl.

It's bad enough that Windows updates are painfully slow at the best of times. BD (Virus Shield) just adds to the misery by using up significant system resources (CPU , Memory & Disk usage). This is even after considering that I'm on an aging hardware. The only recourse is to temporarily disable BD shield in the client.

Also, my limited system spec precludes me from performing full system scans. It can take up to 20 hours (what used to take 2 hours max) or more when the laptop's left untouched. I can forgo full scans considering I've been forced to downgrade to just 4GB RAM. It's the constant 100% disk usage that renders the system unusable.

Hoping, at least the Windows update issue gets looked into.

My specs:

Windows 10 20H2

BD Total Security 2021


  • Not something i've experienced as BD Total runs quite smooth for me but i'd put it down to using 4GB of ram and maybe other hardware parts. 4GB just doesn't cut it nowadays and would recommend at least 8GB if you can purchase more. RAM is fairly cheap if you shop around but again that's dependant on your other hardware limitations. Most apps/services tend to eat up a huge chunk of that because the expectation is for people to upgrade every few years. 20 hours does seem fairly excessive though. Maybe your hardware specs could provide more clarity to your query. With everything requiring far more resources as years go on it's possible that a few small upgrades might resolve your issue. Not sure on the forum rules around posting hardware specs though so check that out before you post anything.

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    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your query .They will reply back asap.



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    Thanks for the reply

    I agree I'm on ancient hardware. I used to run 8 GB but lost one RAM slot two or so years back and have been making do with just 4GB since. The situation wasn't bad initially but typical of Microsoft, every Windows update brings with it a host of issues for those of us on older hardware. The problem with 4GB RAM is that your pagefile allocation is forced into overdrive every time the RAM's overloaded. The consequence being 100% disk activity at the drop of a hat which can take forever to normalize.

    Anyway I'll send a mail to Support and see how it goes.