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Is there any way to turn off nuisance notifications?


When you install an antivirus you expect it to work silently in the background. The BF geeks may like their work so much they think we should sit all day admiring it, but in the real world most people only want to hear from the antivirus when there is a problem.

BUT - Bitdefender is littered with annoying notifications. I have put up with it for years but it just gets worse & unless they can be turned off I have decided to dump the family subscription

At the start of every scan an annoying pop up that has to be dealt with.

At the end of every scan, despite there being no issues, an annoying pop up that has to be dealt with.

On my Android mobile, often when it does a malware scan, a super annoying pop up box that you cannot get rid of blocking a portion of the screen saying it is scanning.

All of these completely unnecessary & intrusive and yet there seems no way to stop them occurring?

Then there is my web based email. It persistently says a number of non problematic websites I regularly receive links from are suspicious with a pop up that grabs the cursor and it generates several pop ups every second. Really annoying!! [- and these are ones that are not marked as spam]

The emails that are genuinely spam/suspicious/phishing would be fair enough if it were not for the fact that when I am dealing with them, eg forwarding to government anti-phishing reporting service, Bitdefender generates multiple popups every second!!! Recently in the time it took to forward & delete 3 emails to the reporting service I found Bitdefender had generated SEVENTY popups to close!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is insanity!!

Is there any way to turn all this off that I have somehow missed or is there no alternative but to swap to a more intelligent antivirus?


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    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your query .They will reply back asap.



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  • same issue. Just woke up my pc and was immediately notified that a virus had been caught and transferred to quarantine. Oh yeah, had 26 copies of that message for the past half hour.

    Running Win 10 with BitDefender Total Security. Under Settings \ General, everything is turned OFF. Under Advanced Product Reports and Scan Host are ON. Under Update, I have both ON set to 1 hr interval.

    There must be a way to turn OFF these useless popups as they interfere with both Game play. Just had another one while typing this.

    I don't recall ever having this issue before and I'm a long term subscriber