Bitdefender slowing down Epson V850 scanner on USB

Bitdefender is interfering with Epson scanner. I can see in the processes that Bitdefender is causing the Epson scanner to respond after a delay. This happens on every scan including batch scan. The scanner therefore takes about 2x the time to scan.

The Epson scanner is connected via USB.

I have also added the scanner in the firewall.

Using Windows 10.

The CPU and memory usage are < 25 and 50% respectively.

bdservicehost sits close to 0%, however, when I press the scan button it jumps up. There is a long delay before scan starts .During the scan it goes back close to 0%. Then jumps up during the save process causing a delay in save. It stays high preventing the next scan to start immediately. Several seconds delay before scan starts at this point bdservicehost CPU usage is close to 0%

With thousands of Photos and negatives to scan Bitdefender is making my process cumbersome to the point of not wanting to use Bitdefender.

Please help resolve this issue