BitDefender Internet Security Webcam Access/Skype/WIndows 7 camera issue

Windows 7 Pro SP1

BitDefender Internet Security Build Last Updated 4/16/21


Logitech C920 USB Webcam

Shortly after the 4/16/21 update, Skype began to misbehave. Specifically, if I initiated a call, the webcam would come on as expected, but once the recipient answered and the call connected, my camera would turn off. The microphone was still active. I could see and hear the recipient, they could hear me but not see me.

This scenario was 100% repeatable.

Changing USB ports, deleting the webcam and readding the webcam, removing and reloading Skype had no effect.

Going to Video & Audio Protection and setting Webcam Access = OFF returns Skype to normal behavior.

Testing the other webcam settings with Webcam Access = ON did not yield correct results; the only workaround for this appears to be to keep Webcam Access = OFF.

It is unknown if Skype is similarily affected on other Windows Operating Systems.

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  • Similar problem with Zoom and the C920. Even worse in Zoom as Zoom and the external webcam (USB) does not work together at all now (unless WebCam protection is turned off). Zoom just hangs. Laptop internal camera works though. Latest Win10 build here.

  • So perhaps this is specific to the C920? Seems unlikely, but..

    An easier to test scenario with Webcam Access = ON (at least on my system)

    1. Start Skype
    2. Go to Settings/Audio&Video
    3. The C920 webcam will come on (blue light bars are illuminated), you will see the preview image
    4. Click onto the Calling (or any other) tab
    5. The C920 webcam will go off (blue light bars go off)
    6. Click back onto the Audio&Video tab
    7. The C920 webcam will NOT come on (blue light bars remain off)

    If you set Webcam Acess = OFF, then step 7 will succeed (blue light bars illuminate, you can see the preview image)

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  • Bitdefender just updated to Last Updated 4/28/21 12:59pm (local)

    The issue appears to be completely resolved (at least with Skype).

    I was able to perform both the Settings/Audio&Video test and a Skype call with the Webcam Protection = ON successfully.


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