SRL missing

Hello, I just bought a mac pro. I loaded my bitdefender account to the mac. I continue to see something that tells me to allow Bitdefender SRL but I can not find it anywhere in the file system under security and privacy.

I'm wanting to set a preference for bitdefender to scan my mac each morning before I use it and I cannot find that anywhere either, like I can on my PC or my iPad.

Thank you


  • I have a late 2013 Mac Pro running macOS Big Sur 11.4. I just installed Bitdefender for the first time yesterday. I see nothing in the Security & Privacy section of the System Preferences. I see some Bitdefender items, but none of them are labeled "Bitdefender SRL." Maybe the UI needs to be updated on that Bitdefender instruction dialog box?

    I've attached what I see for reference. Would love to know if something got missed, like that pop-up that asks for me to allow or change a System Preference setting.

    Here are the BD items I see in the Full Access List:


    Not sure which to enable. Since this is a security-related thing, I'd prefer to be asked about items that actually exist in these security lists, rather than guessing if any of them are the proper one to allow.