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Cannot activate 3rd device on new Mac mini

Hello, I have been a subscriber for about 18 months now, on 2 windows laptops. I bought a new Mac and am trying to use it as my 3rd device. I've used the download link from Bitdefender Central on my Mac and it has been installed. It is now asking me for an activation code. I've looked through my emails and cannot locate the activation code, but I'm pretty sure that it would be expired by now.
When looking at my devices in the dashboard, my new Mac is showing, but it says subscription expired. My windows laptops are there too, but with an active subscription.
Do we have any ideas with what I should be doing here? I'd rather not but a new subscription if I can avoid it.


  • I have the same problem. Just subscribed and it's just not keeping the subscription info — even after I log-in through the app.