bitdefender right click scanning of folders and other questions

  • Hi i have Bitdefender Total Security version When i right click a folder i do see the option Scan with Bitdefender. But when i select the scan i dont see any scan menu or scan progress however big the folder is and no Final result/report about what was ir was not found. I do get asked if i allow Bitdefender to make changes to my system and i say Yes. Then i see the pointer to change for a few seconds as if something is working and then nothing.
  • Also when i organise a custom scan in Antivirus protection/ manage Scans, select a folder to be scaned and then go and ask this custom scan to go ahed, it does not scan the specific folder i chose but rather something else (full scan or quick scan m i dont know

The other right click option about secure file deletion works as it suposed to i see the progress of it and when it finishes

In general Bit defender does work ok as tested with the tools of the following site AMTSO Security Features Check Tools | AMTSO. It stops everything. One only question here. In the drive by test it does stop the download but rather in the background. The report of it can be seen in the bitdefender menu and as notification on the Bitdefender widget, but not in a big screen notyification as in the other tests of this site

ps because i have bitdefender installed in greek lanuage some translations of the mnus may not be completely as they appear in the english language version

System is Windows 10 Asus laptop , see picture attached

Thank you