Bitdefender is blocking access to websites that we use all the time



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    Hi sluggosgarage,

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    You could have help there:

    A small tip for what it's worth, I am often unable to trade something on a professionnal site, not because of the antimalware software but because of the browser's anti-adware/tracker/adblock gimmick. I often have to deactivate it to have full access. A small tip indeed, but you could quickly check if the issue is there.

    Then, if your Bitdefender software protection goes off nightly, you had better deinstall and reinstall it first.



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  • Hello @sluggosgarage,

    If you are referring to, I can access it without any issues whatsoever, with Bitdefender installed. Security related notifications are displayed regardless of the antivirus version, if this is what you are experiencing. In the event you cannot access a particular website and adding it to the exceptions list doesn't make any difference, try to switch off the security modules one by one to find out which one is blocking the website. You can find a step-by-step guide here:

    This article may also help, but it's important to know exactly what the notification says:

    So, before uninstalling Bitdefender, there are a few things you can try first. Surely, a solution can be found, you just need to know where to look.



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    @sluggosgarage ,

    I have to respectfully disagree with the last sentence in your post. Bitdefender is a world-class device security solution.

    It might help if, instead of ranting, you sought assistance for your issue. We have no real idea of the exact nature of your login issue because you did not provide them. I am totally confused by the quote in your post that says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, at least on the free version. I have the complete works paid version.

    Which product DO you have?

    This Forum is a wealth of knowledge and expertise where users, just like you, provide knowledgeable assistance. Bitdefender staff are also available here to assist and do so on a regular basis.

    In any event, it is your computer, so you decide what software to use. Sorry, you are not satisfied.

    Have a great day.



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    Agree, that is something to consider, and also the browser used and its Privacy and Security settings.

    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:

  • I'm finding quite often that Bitdefender is blocking sites that our customers use, unwilling (or unable) to override the block, I will check the URL on Virustotal and find that Bitdefender is the only Security Vendor blocking the site, as in the example below.

    I submit the site to Bitdefender for re-evaluation, but then hear nothing further.

    Am I doing it wrong?

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    I have the same problem. have temporarily resolved by turning off Chrome extension. This is a Paid for piece of software We should not have to resolve the issue Bitdefender should find the resolution and FIX the problem

  • Flexx

    If the link is not removed within a maximum of 72 hours, it is usually considered malicious/phishing by Bitdefender malware researchers, and the detection will remain and not be removed.


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