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T-Bird email question


Moved from Bitdefender Plus to Total Security 2021. T-Bird is my email client. When getting new emails, they are no longer in bold type. Hard to glance at the screen at note a new email quickly. Tried turning off the email scan but it still comes in with no bold face highlight. The interesting thing is the other email addresses I have below my first address are in bold type. Anything I can do?



  • DCarr999
    I have seen this "effect" just recently.

    The Bitdefender Antispam Tool Bar Add-on for Thunderbird seems to now have the side-effect of setting new Emails to "Seen".

    When this Toolbar is enabled, the Thunderbird Inbox display has a line of Icons saying "Settings", "Is Spam", "Not Spam", "Add Spammer" etc.

    In Thunderbird, go to Tools -> Add-Ons -> Extensions and set the Antispam Toolbar to "disabled", and you should then see Unread Emails in your Inbox in bold again.

    Hope this helps,
  • DonM

    Thanks for that feedback! Got rid of the offending toolbar and all is copasetic.