Validation on my main email account

It says to push validate for my main email account and I will receive a code from bitdefender. But when I get into my Gmail I don't ever have validation code. How can I get a validation code to validate my main email account


  • Me too, signed in ok so email correct, selected validate, message said email sent, hours later no email (in any folder…). What’s going on?
  • I have the same exact issue :neutral:
  • Same as you guys unfortunately.

    Getting no code sent to my email accounts

  • Hello @BobbyCommunity members,

    It's an oustanding behaviour which very rarely occurs. Thanks for sharing this with us, we are working on it, but until a fix is released, we will help with manual validation. For that, please visit our Support page and my colleagues will take over

    Stay safe,


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  • Hi. I too have this problem of Email validation code not working

    I have entered my other email address and been issued a code but this code is not working ??