VPN reinstalls itself automatically, no information on stopping this


Does anyone else think it is very strange that there is no option to opt out of VPN and searches on the forums for "Uninstall VPN" suspiciously lead to no useful results? I completely uninstalled Bitdefender VPN from my machine using CleanerX a month ago. Today while looking at processes to see why my machine is running slowly, I am surprised to see BitDefender VPN using 69% CPU.

A VPN vacuums up all network traffic, and only trusted companies should be used for this. BitDefender is now at the top of the list of companies I will never trust with a VPN. Legitimate security companies don't work this way, and now I wonder if AntiVirus is safe too. It certainly seems like they want to vacuum up all the data I have.

Anyone else have VPN reinstall itself without asking?