urendu only loads as read only

I have a microcomputer hardware device called urendu. It is the sound output in my M1 Mac mini (Monterey) that plays Audivana software. I had difficulties getting it to load so I checked a box in Bitdefender exceptions to sign in as guest. Now urendu only loads as read only and it is unusable. I need to reverse the read only state.


  • oneartist
    Also on the same line as read only is "Sharepoint" which is Microsoft. The settings for urendu (ultrarendu) are found on the Sonicorbiter web site. The name given to urendu says "Microsoft requires 15 digits. urendu05300000. There is a mystery optional login in Bitdefender that calls urendu a server with my full name as the user. The required password remains a mystery. I would like to delete the read only file and delete Sharepoint. urendu can be connected by choosing DHCP and IP address. Warning pops up that a device is connected to your computer. But when I click on urendu it is read only.
    Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 4.06.58 PM
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