Help with central - activation etc.


I m new on this antivirus software. Purchased a subscription and trying to activate it. Its installed on my system and it seems to be working fine. i tried activating it on bit defender Central and it says it has already been used else where for activation. (using both link and the manual process but no luck) But if i look in my subscriptions, there is not active services.

Please help, i m confused.

Regards, Lesly


  • Hello Lesly,

    Kindly be advised that the activation code has been redeemend in the Central account associated with the e-mail address ******

    There has been a typo, as the correct e-mail address should be ******[email protected]

    I have now moved the license to this e-mail address and the changes will be reflected in your Central account shortly.

    To synchronize Bitdefender with the correct e-mail address and account, please follow these steps:

    1.Double-click the Bitdefender shortcut from your Desktop to open the dashboard.

    2.Click the account con in the top right corner of the Bitdefender interface.

    3.Click the Switch Account button to change the account linked to the computer.

    4.Sign in with the e-mail address ******[email protected] and the password of this Central account.

    Your subscription should be synchronized and displayed correctly afterwards.

    Please let us know if you encounter any issues after the update is completed.