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Bitdefender doesn't start scans on system startup also automatically changes priority to low

edited December 2021 in Protection
Since some time Bitdefender didn't run the scan on system startup and also always automatically changes to priority to low for all Scans (except Quick Scan)

And today I noticed that the interface button on the last page of the custom scan options which normally should read Save (or sth. similar) now has "You Save" written on it.

But save as in save money.

(Btw. I have the German version here)

What is the problem ?
Until recently I thought it was sth. funny done by a Windows update but now.... I am very unsure.

Oh and yes, I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling over the system settings and with the uninstal tool, didn't change the behaviour.


  • fresh229
    fresh229 ✭✭
    edited December 2021
    The program doesn't work proberly since the last updates at all.
    Firewall notification does not work after restart. You need to turn them off and on again that they work.

    The whole exclusion list will be ignored from the real time scan....

    The support does not answer since 10 days and if they do they are always asking for logs (3rd time now...)

    Currently I sadly have to say that I am not happy with the security solution. the previous version 25.+ works perfectly..... Since the update to version 26 came, everything is messed up
  • Mike_BD
    Mike_BD admin
    edited December 2021

    Hello @fresh229 and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Community.

    I've checked and Support team has your request, your ticket is in tech support already. I'll try and speed them up with a resolution and get back to you.

    Stay safe,


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  • fresh229
    Hey @Mike_BD

    thanks for that.
    I am really frustrated currently with your product.

    Today, I did a fresh reinstallation of my system.

    After installation bitdefender it fully slowed down my whole system.
    Even opening Taskmanager takes 2-3 sec cause bitdefender is scanning the process :-/

    That's really annoying and was not the case with version 25.x.x

    I am wondering that nobody else is experiencing this issues.

    Hope to find a solution for it.