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BIS slows everything after reinstall


I uninstalled BIS a couple weeks ago since there was some interference with another program (Macrium Reflect) that was causing problems with that program. I've used BIS for years without significant problems. Deciding I could live with the problems of BIS causing Reflect, I now reinstalled BIS and everything is SUPPPPPEEERRRR SLLLLOOOOWWWW since. Doing anything results in a pause, sometimes long ones. Explorer takes many seconds -- a minute to respond, same for all programs. BIS seems to have kept all my previous settings from what I can see, e.g. exceptions, ...

I'm on Win 10 x64 box with updated WIndows and running latest BIS Windows Security says BIS is handling things.

Any ideas on how to debug this?

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  • BaliDave
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    Thanks. Actually I have BIS turned off on the disk that Macrium Reflect (MR) stores files as far as antivirus protection goes, tho their Image Guardian reports that someone (presumably BIS) is attempting to access these files (disk images). Uninstalling BIS eliminates those messages. MR just makes image files as a backup. Hope that helps.




  • BaliDave

    Well the problem totally disappeared (!!!) the following day! The only reasonable explanation seems to be that BIS was super busy doing something (tho cpu usage was small) after reinstalling it -- but what and why??? . This performance issue lasted well over 24 hours, and my machine if fairly beefy and fast. Anyhow it's resolved.👍️

  • Mike_BD
    Mike_BD admin
    edited December 2021

    Hello @BaliDave ,

    In a way I'm glad things cleared up on their own. Also wanted to thank you for sharing this with us, seems something very specific. Perhaps it has something to do with Reflect's way of indexing/ archiving files and consequently BIS working hard on file check .

    Can you describe to us the interferance between Bitdefender Internet Security and Macrium Reflect?

    Happy holidays,


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