How Bitdefender Total Security build (BDTS) missed to detect 2 (two) trojan viruses?

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The last two days my laptop became very slow, on Google Chrome i got an extension called "wRankBook" that i just couldn't uninstall and on Google Chrome i was redirected to some pages i have never visited. Then i thought my laptop could be infected. So, i did a Quick Scan, Full System Scan and Custom System Scan with BDTS. And in all 3 scans, BDTS found no threats, meaning that my laptop was virus free. Next, i did a scan with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2020 version (KVRT) and KVRT found 2 (two) viruses: 1. MEM:Trojan.Win32.Agent.gen (located in System Memory) and 2. HEUR.Trojan.MSIL.Kryptik.gen (located in drive C). Really, really disappointed!

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    Hello @Gjoksi79_ and thanks for sharing this in our Community!

    This is a valuable piece of information which will help us fight cybercrime and help other users of Bitdefender. I'll share it with the malware research team, with whom you already talked and submitted logs. I will check with tech support and get back to you.

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