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How can the cache of code signatures be cleared?


Hi. Whenever I start a particular app, Zwift, on my M1 Mac, BitDefender produces the message below.

I have indeed recently updated the Zwift app but this message still appears even if I remove the Zwift entry from the list of permitted apps and then trying again. The app cannot be unsigned or MacOS would not allow it to be run ... which it does if I respond "Continue Allowing". My guess is that BitDefender is remembering the previous code signature even when I remove the app from the permitted list, and doesn't update its note of the code signature when I say "Continue Allowing".

If this is the case then perhaps BitDefender needs to fix this but most immediately I need to delete its cache of code signatures. How do I do that without uninstalling the app? If I can't, how do I uninstall BitDefender sufficiently completely that the code signature cache is removed?

Thanks, Paul