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Initial implementation of Password Manager

edited January 2022 in Password Manager

Apologies for posting here - there was no Password Manager category - please forward appropriately. Thanks.

I purchased the "Password Manager" add-on today. I have approximately 200 sites that I access fairly often, so I am interested in the automated "load" of passwords from an XLSX file (which I use now for tracking those passwords).

1.      What is the format required for XLSX files to be imported. I assume you need the Name, URL, User-ID & password. Is there a sequence for those columns or keywords for the column headings?

2.      For many sites I have 2 step validation/authentication. Do you capture those codes and submit them or must I do that manually/individually?

3.      For browsers other than the basic 3-4, such as Tor & DuckDuckGo, is there a “app or widget” to download? (or whatever you call your interface)

4.      My assumption is that to use any unopened browser, I must first open it, then sign on, then open Password Manager, sign onto it … then begin opening websites. Correct?

My understanding/impression is to use Password Manager, I open a browser first and sign on. Then, I open Password Manager, followed by the master password. Then, I access various websites. When I close the browser – then restart it later – does Password Manager sign onto the sites I had open previously? (my browser is set to open all tabs to the location they were at shutdown).  

Ths may be documented, but I have not found that info - please provide a link if it exists.



  • growlett

    Additionally, I am unable to find a method for mass recreation of all or a group of passwords. Is this possible, or must a new password be created individually? If it is possible, can I create groups, such as all websites that have credit card information - so that I might change all of those passwords with a single command. Can this grouping be supplied at initial database creation? Thanks.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @growlett and welcome to the Community!

    1. XLSX format is not supported, but we recommend to convert the XLSX to CSV which are supported. Import -> Choose file -> Bitdefender Wallet. You can use for example title, url, username, password no sequence ordered. Only url and username are required.
    2. This is planned in our backlog, currently is not possible to do it.
    3. All Chromium-based browsers are supported, but there could be some differences. It is recommended to try to add the extension from the store. (We've tried DuckDuckGo on Android and autofill works, Tor is Mozilla-based, so unfortunately this one doesn't work.).
    4. The product is able to keep the user logged in even after a browser restart, but it is currently not implemented due to the short time frame and also a common decision by our teams. As this is a newly launched product, we are in the process of collecting valuable feedback from our users, to help us improve and further develop the service. We can discuss this with the developers and maybe add it in the upcoming releases. More updates will come for this product, including a full launch on the official Bitdefender website, all in the first quarter of 2022, thus we have not yet created a category for this product in the forum. But the Privacy category is spot on! :)

    Groups are planned in the backlog, but it is not possible to implement at this time.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • growlett

    Thanks for your response ... it helps, but leaves voids. While I purchased the product a week ago, I continue to struggle with its implementation. I am on a Windows 11 Pro system, so it is Intel based, not Android. I have downloaded the "app" for both Google Chrome and MS Edge. My browsers are set to open the tabs that were open when it last closed. I simply close the new tab for Password Manager and all tabs are open and process fine. So, at this point, the product does nothing - and maybe that is how it is intended to function. Again, I am trying to understand the product and what it does - or is supposed to do - for me.

    Thanks again.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Are you closing the tab where you should enter the master password? It is normal for Password Manager to do nothing in this case. Simply do not close the new tab and enter the master password there.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • SPIR09

    I have been using Duckduckgo for many years. It's an extension from the Chrome Store. I was able to access all my Gmail information without being tracked. I was,able to save bookmarks, favorites, etc. Then Google installed itself and will not allow me access to my gmail account.

    Now I think Bitdefender is an excellent Total Security app. It doesn't acknowledged it either.

    I have tried to add it as another gmail account but it's not working.

    I'm frustrated as to the control of these large corporations and that's why I am searching for a different email provider and a different browser . I don't care if the searches aren't as effective as Google I would prefer to not be tracked.

    Now they own Waze. What else can you access if you don't have an IPHONE.

    I feel very frustrated and wish we as consumes has some control over these situations. I would like to relieve a reomy or response from anyone in the community. Or the support.

    I have to warn you I am not that tech say so please keep responses simple in terms of systems. etc.

    I look forward to any available responses and suggestions.

    Thank you.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @SPIR09 and welcome to the Community!

    An alternative I can think of is an Outlook email client and DuckDuckGo with Brave browser. Things like HTTPS everywhere and no tracking are standard with Brave.

    The cons are that DuckDuckGo doesn't offer as many services as Google and other search engines. It doesn't have the same market share as Google, so you cannot sync lots of your accounts and services with it.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user