Scam Alert: Tens of thousands of users targeted in pyramid scheme spam campaign

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edited January 2022 in News & Blogs

This week, Bitdefender Antispam researchers have been monitoring an ongoing spam campaign that leads recipients to pyramid scheme websites. The bogus correspondence is disguised as an employment opportunity, directing recipients to check a password-protected PDF attachment for more info. The email body contains a four-digit password.

“I'm contacting you because I'm employing 2 new people in my system this week,” the message reads.

“It may be just a hunch, but I just have this feeling you would be excellent for us. I have attached your invitation, the password is: (redacted).”

When accessed, the PDF serves up a tempting invitation to unlock “generated” revenue of over $400. Clicking on the Unlock Invitation Now button will deploy a captcha that, once solved, leads recipients to scam websites with “life-changing” video presentations about the secrets of “manifesting money into your life anytime you want.”

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