When is the last time you cleaned up your computer?

Withoutfurtherradu Security Communication Specialist BD Staff
edited January 2022 in News & Blogs

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month! There’s no better way to celebrate than giving a makeover to this important tool that supports both your professional and personal life. Here are six tips from Bitdefender to get your computer off to a productive 2022:

Back up your data

Regularly backing up your data is an efficient way to recover files if your device crashes, gets compromised by malware or is stolen. An external hard drive or USB offers an easy and portable way to do it. However, you can always consider a cloud backup service to keep important files and prevent data loss.

Organize your documents

Your desktop probably needs some TLC. If you’re having a hard time perusing dozens of icons on your desktop, it might be time to declutter your desktop. That unorganized mess can slow down your computer, and there is no guarantee that a backup program will automatically back up all the files you’ve stored this way unless you make particular changes to the settings.

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