Do I need both Mobile Security and Web protection for iOS?

I can't quite work out whether I need both products at the same time: could someone explain to me the difference between the two?


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    Hello @ConfusedClaire59 and welcome to the Community!

    The Web Protection automatically blocks malicious websites. When a URL points to a known phishing or fraudulent website, or to malicious content such as spyware or viruses, the webpage is blocked, and an alert is shown. The same thing happens when installed apps try to access malicious domains. With Web Protection, you are protected from accessing dangerous, phishing, and fraudulent pages. For an additional layer of protection, it is recommended to have both. Only the paid version of Mobile Security for IOS includes Web Protection and they essentially work together, after they "meet" in the account.

    It is also important to mention that the Web Protection & VPN features from Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS cannot be used at the same time, but alternatively. This means that turning on Web Protection in the app will disconnect the VPN and vice versa. Once a VPN session is ended, you can turn on Web Protection.

    Web Protection and VPN are two features designed for separate purposes: the first keeps you safe while browsing while the latter aims to provide internet anonymity.

    I hope this information was helpful.

    Stay safe.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user


  • Thanks very much Alexandru_BD, much appreciated.

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    Bitdefender software includes normal VPN and premium VPN, but normal VPN is until the forward communication when accessing outbound is passed through Bitdefender's secure DNS and the website access is judged. I know, but

    It may be difficult to understand the difference in functions between not good and premium VPN.